A Dark Thriller. (Screenplay Project)

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Shai Gar

I've got an idea for a movie.

It's a dark thriller with IMPLICIT sex and violence. About a Serial Killer Santa.

It's based on this joke.

You better not shout,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why,

If you do, you'll never see your mum again.

I'm not going to go into any specifics. But I'd like this to be a very intelligently written movie that doesn't even show nipples, but would still turn on everyone from 4chan with the implied rapes and torture sessions.
I want it to not just be a cliche over the top "Horror". I want this to give people nightmares and have them looking over their shoulder for months. I want to drive in the message that in life, we're all truly alone, no matter how many friends or possessions we have. That any one of us could be taken by a Santa walking down the street at Christmas time collecting for charity. Never to be seen again.

What do you think?
One of the most eerily affective scenes of horror I ever saw had no graphic visuals, no music, and no screaming. It was in 1408, when Samuel L. Jackson described what happened to one of the hotel maids when she got locked in the bathroom.

That's not all that relevant, but it might help.
I wish I could see your faces, read your minds, and feel your souls, as you read this.

And yeah, it'd be very difficult.
I'm planning on doing this like a good batman movie. You never even see the bad guy. You might feel his presence and you can see his effects second hand, but the worst stuff about him will be in police reports, the newspaper headlines and on the radio in a detectives car.

Perhaps there'll be a conversation about him. But the most you'll see of him is when you're looking over his shoulder (can't see his shoulder, camera is actually ON his shoulder) and you might see a part of his chin/beard as he breathes that song/joke into one of his victims before the camera leaves them draped in shadow while you Believe you know what he's doing.
Did you ever see Santa's Slay (2005) ? It's especially great because Santa is pro-wrestler Goldberg. There are a few serial killer Santa movies out..it's practically a genre..
But perhaps you can do something different...I'd be interested to see..
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I'd go see it :). It sounds like it has the potential to make people shit themselves, and that's my kind of movie!
So . . . is it supposed to come off as implied horror/suspense with an ominous tone?
Horror isn't my thing, but here's a thought: People often ignore the homeless and some homeless men (in the States, anyway) will sometimes get Santa gigs for the holidays. And there are thousands of homeless folk in major cities. You wouldn't know who the killer could be, not really. You wouldn't have a jail big enough for all of them.
I'd make the killer a woman in a Santa outfit. Just because it's more fun. And who'd suspect Mrs. Clause?
No, I don't want men thinking they could "hold her off" I want this movie to terrify, and the only way a woman terrifies is when she has a weapon, is a gibbering psycho, or is gigantic.


Okay...it is a movie, after all, and not based in reality. And personally I'd rather have a movie that breaks those stereotypes of the "demure" damsel in distress (because it shows the filmmaker thinking out of the box (similarly to The Descent).

No worries, though - it's your screenplay, and I'm sure you'll find something that works.
The only damsels in distress will be the ones getting abducted, raped and murdered.

There would be a formidable female detective, but formidable/respectable isn't terrifying.
That just tires me out, though. I'd rather see a movie like Saw that has a mix of males and females who deserve their fate then seeing the girls running around screaming because they're getting attacked. That...well, never mind. The feminist in me HATES that. It's always the girl - and the evil against her is perpetuated.

Think about the best horror movies, or the most unique ones. Do a study of the ones that really scare us, and why. The first movie of a genre is usually the best. What made "Halloween" good was it was one girl running...but she was smart. She used her brain. The copies just had naked girls screaming (where's the fear in that?).

If you're going to make it scary and have a truly scary picture, you have to find the thing that's not done before. Or, if you're going to use clich
:D They won't be running around screaming. This guy just takes them.

One minute they're walking down a road either by themselves, or with friends, and the next, they're gone.

I think I've gotten to the essence, it's all about loneliness and vunerability, even when surrounded by people.

The fear is when they're trying to find her, because they're certain that he toys with them for a few days before killing them.
You don't get to meet the murderer, there's no humanisation. It's mostly from the victim and the cops point of view.