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2010 January - Character Drawing Competition


Shai Gar

Okay, I'm going to describe a character, and what he's carrying... and you have to come up with a drawing of it. These will be DnD characters that I make up each time there's a winner.

(I figure this to be a monthly thing, similar to the poetry competition. Once a month someone can create a character using the DnD Insider Character Creator for us to draw)

R/C: Gnome Warlock

Clothes: High Necked Green Cloak, Oiled Leather Armour (chest and legs), Green Cloth Gloves, Leather boots with footpads
Primary Weapons: Rod made of twisted vine, Short sharp and Dark Wood wand.
Secondary Weapons: Repeater Crossbow, Hand crossbow, Dagger (incredibly sharp, used for shaving)
Ammo: 10 Magazines for Repeater Crossbow, Lots of bolts for Hand Crossbow (Not all need be shown, obviously)
Other: Backpack, and 5 belt pouches, 2 x 50ft Silk Rope
Mount: Mountain pony, similar to Exmoor Pony, from the Fey wilds, Saddle with saddlebags

Character Info: Not the nicest of characters, actually, he's a bit of a bastard that utilises his extreme initiative, danger sense, warlock powers and ability to quick draw load-free projectile weapons, with his teleportation abilities and naturally extremely high stealth and ability to turn invisible. He hires himself out to the highest bidder if their orders align with something he wants.

Because his green hair causes him to stand out on the streets within civilisation, he customarily shaves his head each morning, and wears a brown wig. He is very fond of his pony and is quick to spoil it with equipment and defend it to the death.