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  1. Tim dao

    Gun rights

    1.What do you think on the right to own fire arms? 2. Should there be a limit on weapons available? 3. Who should own guns? 4. Do people have the right to defend themselves? 5. If any what gun do you want?
  2. Truth Eternity

    [INFJ] Dangers of 5G; Let's talk

    So I've recently heard a louder "uproar" of information on the topic of 5G technology. I've heard it could be very harmful -- like cancer level -- due to high frequency radio waves, which wouldn't be radio waves anymore due to its higher frequency, more like UV level or above. I've heard about...
  3. TheFool

    [INFJ] Is integrated AI the end of INFJs?

    What are your thoughts about the integration of AI and human brains? According to Elon Musk and other scientists the AI-human hybrid technology will become real within our lifetime. As humans will be able to communicate telepathically and perceive the thoughts of others, it will be the end of...