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    [INFJ] SURVEY: Who did you end up marrying?

    Hi, I'm doing a survey to see who INFJs end up with in long-term relationships. It's one thing to see who we get along with according to theory, and another to see what it looks like in practice. And it is this practical aspect that I would like to check here. For answers I would ask: - married...
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    [INFJ] A Study of Your Personal Values and Your Workplace’s Expressed Value Set

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a psychology project examining peoples personality, personal values both in and out of the workplace and how these factors are predictive of various work-relevant outcomes. Naturally, I thought this community may be interested in participating and would be a...
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    Misc. MBTI survey

    Looking for miscellaneous correlations. Please be apart of science! If there's a better place or way to post please let me know. You should be able to view the results after you complete the survey.