1. MJ24

    [INFJ] Life after life

    Last week I unexpectedly lost my grandfather. It made me think a lot about death at all and on various levels. What did you feel when you lost someone? How do you interpret death - as a process or short moment, in a biological or more spiritual, religious way? When you think about dead person...
  2. C

    [INFJ] New Philosophical Movement: Kellerinianism

    New World Religion / Spiritual Movement / Societal Movement : youtube.com/KellerinaBacon Revealing The Kellerinianism Movement! Also known as: BACON SPIRITUALITY! This is a NEW Movement! This is a societal, philisophical, political, spiritual, and soulful lifestyle movement aimed at...
  3. flower

    Which Ancient Religion Does Your Spirit Belong To?

  4. flower

    Which Majestic Animal is Drawn to Your Spirit?

  5. flower

    Which Elemental Spirit Are You?