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shadow functions

  1. hunnybee143

    PTSD and Shadow Functions

    I want to ask about something I hardly notice gets talked about. (Question at the end, bear with me.) Not sure how many here are familiar with Shadow Functions, but the INFJ uses Si as the inferior "Demon" function, or the 8th function... When experiencing trauma/bad experiences, for the...
  2. Sandie33

    [INFJ] Type: Assumed or Aquired Social Mask?

    The nature of shadow functions are that they are something that is used only sparingly or when in moments of stress, not typically as a primary mode of operation. Over time, when used as the primary mode, only results in tiring the individual out, especially if he or she is continually acting in...
  3. Ninae

    Shadow functions and BPD theory

    Okay, I have a theory. (Being infj, I feel like this is already fact because it feels right to me, but I still want to discuss it) So, as we know the INFJ functions are as follows: Ni Fe Ti Se So that means the shadow functions are those of the ENFP: Ne Fi Te Si I have been diagnosed...