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privacy or lack thereof

  1. sapphiresky

    [INFJ] I don't want people to vacation in my house anymore

    I identify as an INFJ. I am a very private person who enjoys having my own space and living in Florida doesn't help with that situation since our family/friends live very far away. Many of them feel entitled to stay in our homes every year. Years ago I was sort of ok with that since I was a...
  2. Keirouen

    Emotional Intimacy and Technology

    As the title implies. Has the transition into portable technology damaged the intimacy of your face to face interactions? We can be somewhere with our friends. With our families. We can be physically there and yet our minds can be completely somewhere else. Has portable technology and...
  3. pzl2lxie81mc

    INFJ odd question for an odd situation

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and am so happy to find others who approach life in a similar way I do. Like many other INFJs, I haven't had many relationships (one serious, one aborted, one combusted on take-off) and didn't date much of my life, except in the past couple of years (I'm a 37 y/o...