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  1. BXM

    YOUR TRUTH: What would you change about the world?

    What is one thing you would alter about the world/society for the better? I would get rid of capitalism in the U.S. or change it to something else; capitalism is a philosophy created by people sitting in a circle- why can't this ideology be altered for the better or what exactly is better...
  2. wiredandwound

    How does the Innovation of Old Ideas Occur?

    I have mentioned various things from mundane personal feelings, science, and philosophical opinions. I appreciate that we all have various levels of experience and practice that are unique to us. I see all to often that someone's point of view is "written-off", without question - in which I am...
  3. Dado


    Hello :) I decided to open this thread because i didn't find one thats strictly about enlightenment. I had spiritual awakening before few years and since then on I have been reading, reasearching and practising everyday with aim to become liberated one day. This thread could serve everyone...
  4. Moony

    Believing or seeing?

    Hello! Since INFJ's are known to be living paradoxes, skeptical and positive to most things, at the same time, I was wondering if you are a believing or seeing kind of person? Do you need proof to believe? Like, to believe in true love, soulmates, miracles, magic (not necessarily religion) or...