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  1. PapillonT

    Enneagram IV and Attachment

    In my research on the Enneagram, I've paused on the instinctual variant sub-types - in particular, I'm curious about possible correlation between this kind of typing and behaviour in close relationships. Besides the two tests, please feel free to share your own conclusions on this. I've seen...
  2. Somnium

    Does knowing that you “fit in” a personality type actually makes you feel better?

    I’ve been thinking about how science can actually explain a certain predictable form of being. In fact, look at you now, taking part on a social media which allows people to access much more than you could ever imagine yourself telling someone you know in person. An index, a catalog, an...
  3. Cassanova Frankenstein

    Can I Ever Let Someone Back In To My Heart?

    Hello there, I new here. In my introduction, I promised my tale of heartbreak. Well, my 6 and half year relationship ended about 2 months ago, and pretty abruptly. I was living with this girl. She was my best friend. She was the one I thought I was going to marry and have a family with, but...
  4. Trent

    [xNFx] NF Original Quote of the Day

    From an INFx perspective or xNFx.... "How do you rip the eternity of a soul? Is it possible? Sure, its called divorce." I know dark. Hey, guess what? INFJ :)