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  1. Scientia

    Are you close with both of your parents?

    Recently, I have met a relatively good number of INFPs both male and female and discovered I know one INFJ female. There is a common thread with many of us INFx people that I have noticed: we are all closer to one parent because the other parent is unreliable in some way. Are you close...
  2. Suraj Z

    Enneagram 4's: emotional highs/lows, possible emotional masochism, and growth

    To start off with, I'm unsure of my main Enneagram type. As best as I can tell, it's one of 4, 1, 9, or 5 (listed in descending order of probability). In any event, I can at least say that I've experienced "the 4-side"--especially as far as social situations and hyper-emotionality, in certain...