1. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] INFJ Mistyping?

    I have seen many people talk about their typing and how it has changed. For example someone could say they used to be INTJ but now they're INFJ. In the case of INFJs, isn't it possible that these people could have been hanging around an INTJ during that time and caught their emotions...
  2. Shinehah

    [INFJ] Am I an INFJ or an INT?

    I have taken the MBTI three times on mbtionline.com. Each time I tested as INFJ. I retook the test because I see a lot of the Thinking preference in myself. For instance, I am very technically oriented and am at my best when doing technical things rather than dealing with people or...
  3. K

    INFJ mistype?

    I apologize for my rambling... I am just in a self doubt crisis :m097: I'm an INFJ, and as much as I relate to just about EVERY LITTLE DETAIL about the INFJ I always go through little bursts doubting my type. I have gone through lots of "are you sure your an INFJ? you could be xxxx." And I'm...