1. Madgirl143

    Let's talk about the Mentalist and Marvel's Legion! Spoilers!!

    First of all, may Stan Lee rest in peace, unfortunately I just found out about his death quite recently because my life got a bit busy. Anyway I've been watching the Mentalist, I'm on season 3, going on episode 4. No spoilers please. So I just wanted someone to talk to about it since I have zero...
  2. Gaze

    Black Panther Movie

    Anyone seen the film? What did you think? If you read the comics, how does it compare? As a Marvel film, how does it compare to the origin story or first movie in other Marvel franchise films?
  3. Samniss Arandeen

    [INFJ] Groot, anyone?

    Is he an INFJ? I do believe so. Explaining so would involve spoilers, so I'll open the floor to any counterarguments or supporters.