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  1. ReasonEnduring

    Does anyone have a Plan?

    Does anyone have a plan to make the world better? I mean an actual plan to drastically improve society and counter the dangers the modern world is manifesting? Given we live in a world where the corrupt and tyrannical can buy or butcher their way to success and democracy is a popularity...
  2. Nautilidae

    2019 New Year's resolutions

    Of course, anyone can take action on affecting change in their lives at any moment, so long as they are still alive. But, if you were to sail with the wind fully behind you and ride the "New Year's resolution" cliché; what would your 2019 agenda look like? Post your 2019 resolutions and...
  3. D

    Bipolar or just very INFJ

    I've researched quite a bit, on this website, and on Quora and Reddit and there are very little answers available. But I have seen people pose the question of whether there is a link between bipolar 2 and being an INFJ. And I'm wondering the exact same. I understand that bipolar 2 is an actual...