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  1. Anewfoundsydney

    [INFJ] exJehovah’s witnesses

    Im new here, this is my first post/question for other INFJs out there who are exJW. This is actually not what I thought I would be posting first, but the topic of spirituality and religion peaked my interest on here. My question is, if you are INFJ, what are your thoughts on being a part of any...
  2. Rycka

    INFJ AND BUSINESS: can these two work together?

    Hey! :grinning: So I've been wondering how well INFJ personality and the role of a business owner mix together? Do infj's strive for such a thing, or is it something that they naturally shy away from? Personally I've tried freelancing and dropshipping so I loved the freedom aspect of...
  3. Dear imperfect

    Find Freedom...

    Everybody have a diferent view of freedom. Here's where you can give your definition of freedom with a picture, your own words, a quote or anything you want. For me freedom is complex and hard to explain. You can find it in a lot of little things. I'm just gonna share some pictures then: