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family issues

  1. Vaguethinker

    What do I do about possible infidelity?

    For context I am 20 and still living with my family. I think my stepdad may have cheated on my mom and I’m not sure how to proceed. My mom has been gone on a trip for work the past three weeks. And a week later, one night my stepdad told me he was going out to the bar with a friend that I...
  2. Trent

    Empathic at Chik-fil-a

    Hello Empaths. Today, I had lunch at Chik-fil-a. Anyways, I am sitting across from a older man (grandpa?), about 4 year boy, 1-2 year girl and mom. I have moments like this that I am so thankful for. Like a Norman Rockwell painting. Kind of. I just saw love. Know what I mean? I saw it, felt it...
  3. MissVeryMerry

    Would you ever give your parents advice?

    If you saw something that could be fixed or had an idea on how to help your parents resolve an issue or on-going argument, would you let them know? Or do you think its not your place to instruct your own parents on what you think is the best possible course of action? Would that be a lack of...