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  1. larcipelago

    No Scientific Evidence but Anybody Ever Think May be Homo Sapiens Consciousness Has Purposes?

    I am just comparing some facts, the dinosaur ruled the earth for about 150 million years before they were wiped out by the impacts of the big stone collition to the earth. Some survivors, including omnivore mammals who stayed more under the earth had their chances to evolve, beating reptilians...
  2. ReasonEnduring

    Does anyone have a Plan?

    Does anyone have a plan to make the world better? I mean an actual plan to drastically improve society and counter the dangers the modern world is manifesting? Given we live in a world where the corrupt and tyrannical can buy or butcher their way to success and democracy is a popularity...
  3. Gaze

    Evolution of feelings about love

    Over a period of time, we learn from different experiences how to love. It seems the way we learned to love early in our first love experiences changes overtime and our expectations change, and so we don't experience love in the same way as we once did when we were learning about something that...
  4. Trent

    [INFJ] On a dating site: Was I just in your head? Did this just happen?

    Ok, going through a divorce. I'm not getting any younger and I am potty trained. I'm a big boy. Anyways, I joined a dating site (platonical for now). Of course, what kind of females am I seeking? Well, ESTJ is not one of them. If it works for you then God bless. You are miracles. Ok, this girl...