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  1. Dado


    Hello :) I decided to open this thread because i didn't find one thats strictly about enlightenment. I had spiritual awakening before few years and since then on I have been reading, reasearching and practising everyday with aim to become liberated one day. This thread could serve everyone...
  2. Radiantshadow

    Logic: wuzzit and howzzit?

    Or, for those unskilled in Gibberish, what is logic and how do we know whether something is logical?
  3. logan235711

    Dogmatism Discussion (A)

    Dogmatism, or being dogmatic, is a position in which a person has beliefs and would accept claims on the basis of a confidence he could never explain (even to himself). (Knowledge Puzzles, Hetherington 1996) Is dogmatism ever an intellectual virtue? Can you think of circumstances in which it...