1. aeon

    Has the field of psychology failed men?

    compliments to @thetinmen Do we? Thoughts? Thanks for reading, Ian
  2. ReasonEnduring

    [INFJ] INFJs - A Duty To Care?

    Something I've been thinking about recently. I welcome all opinions, not just that of INFJs. INFJs are to a degree emotional creatures. I'm not sure how far this extends with other INFJs but from what I've seen here and other's I've spoken with INFJs feel other people's pain and often find...
  3. Joe 94

    The Non-Categorizable-INFJ

    A lot of INFJ's feel helpless because they realize how limited the corporate world is. It doesn't give them room to express themselves fully, even though there are some careers that seem to fit better than others. And it's not as if all corporate jobs are evil; however the INFJ seems to pick up...
  4. D

    INFJ: Emotions and defence mechanisms and

    Hello everyone! I have always been confused about my emotions, which could be very cold when they shouldn't be, to the point I almost believed I am apathetic. I have realized recently, however, that I haven't been always this way (actually I was quite the contrary), and developed the theory...
  5. rmoat

    [INFJ] Composed Music

    So for the past couple of years I've gone through some pretty rough friendships, and sadly have had to do the INFJ door slam, and have also had to walk away from other several one-sided relationships. Have been struggling a little bit the past few weeks now that I've realized finding a close...