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  1. Griffinheart

    The Alright Meat Thread

    We have one for veggies, I thought I'd do one for meat eaters :) Anything meat related, chops, ribs, steak, recipes, budgets, etc. Anything! Any Zerocarb, Keto, Low-carb, etc. diet peeps welcome anytime to gush over our servings of animals. So I spend at least $100.00 a week on grass-fed...
  2. P

    [INFJ] Why going vegan MIGHT be a bad idea, at least in the long run

    This is from my "good health" tips which you can look up here:,1041.0.html ====================================,1239.msg4261.html#msg4261...
  3. Angelica Jesslan

    I just discovered that I have an eating disorder, anyone can help?

    I'm not an English native so there must be lots of grammatical errors, I'm sorry. So my weight has been fluctuating a lot this past one year. I was 163cm tall and 58kgs, and this is enough to make me feel disgusted seeing my body on the mirror. I have no confidence at all. In March 2015 I...