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  1. Jexocuha

    What Mnemonic and Creative Thinking Techniques Are Effective?

    What Mnemonic and Creative Thinking Techniques Are Effective? What are some exercises that can be used to improve one's memory? What are the best reasons for someone to use mnemonic techniques to aid their studies/research goals? What are some of the worst reasons to take up mnemonics...
  2. Impact Character

    Creative Types Test

    (Thought you might like this. :) ) Discover your creative personality
  3. InTRovErT34

    Collective thought's poetry..

    Hello my thoughts for this thread is a group exercise in forming poetry from the collective (participants) A collaboration of all our minds . So what I was thinking is that anyone can start a line of poetry, of there topic. Write 1to 2 lines stop.. and let the other participants take off from...
  4. Joe 94

    The Non-Categorizable-INFJ

    A lot of INFJ's feel helpless because they realize how limited the corporate world is. It doesn't give them room to express themselves fully, even though there are some careers that seem to fit better than others. And it's not as if all corporate jobs are evil; however the INFJ seems to pick up...
  5. Impact Character

    Creativity based on Sensing VS. Intuition? (Design&Art)

    So, researching on creativity and MBTI always seem to spit out articles summed up as following: "Creativity = Intuition" But what is with Sensor types? I sincerely doubt that sensors don't have some kind of own way to be creative.. I wonder a bit ..what the differences between intuition or...