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  1. larcipelago

    No Scientific Evidence but Anybody Ever Think May be Homo Sapiens Consciousness Has Purposes?

    I am just comparing some facts, the dinosaur ruled the earth for about 150 million years before they were wiped out by the impacts of the big stone collition to the earth. Some survivors, including omnivore mammals who stayed more under the earth had their chances to evolve, beating reptilians...
  2. plurjosh

    Evolving Into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

    I invite those reading this or listening, to take a couple deep breathes into the center of your chest, visualize arriving at a temple, and even before removing your shoes, wrap up any judging, any agendas of what you may think this is, and any notions about what belief is and take that folded...
  3. hunnybee143

    A Better World?

    Here I've written and believed in for as long as I can remember: What if I told you that there is no God? But, what if I told you that there IS God. Not that there is A God, but that there IS God, in the form of an Adjective, rather than a Noun. What if I said that we are all each pieces of...
  4. Trent

    Fundamental Question: What is Ni to you? & What is Intuition?

    Sensing seems pretty understandable, but intuition? Hmmm. One definition is "a phenomenon of the mind1". Oh wow, that helps so much. To me the question is also what is the unconsciousness? I am venturing into relatively unfamiliar territories as far as psycho-babble, but what a great place to...