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  1. Roses In The Vineyard

    China is amping up war propaganda against the US
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    [NSFW] Claims of Rape and Torture: Uyghur Women.

    The conditions in China don't seem to be letting up for the Uyghurs in China, especially for women. Claims of rampant abuse have been going on for over a year now. It's scary that Xi Jinping doesn't have to deal with term limits. He can continue as the President of China for the remainder of...
  3. Roses In The Vineyard

    Three Gorges Dam could fail soon

    Decided to make a thread since no one has made a topic about this yet and the lack of reporting in western media so probably no one here knows about it yet. For the past several weeks China has been enduring one of the worst floods it has had since 1949 and this is only the start of the season...