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  1. aeon

    Lifetraps Test

    @flower posted an original thread here, but the link from that thread is no longer active. a new link is to be found HERE. Cheers, Ian
  2. Griffinheart

    Type 8 (or in Tritype) Childhood

    Hello peeps, Finally came back after a while. I had this nagging feeling at the back of my head for a while. I know that I'm type 6, but the rest of my tritype perplexes me. Growing up, I had some serious anger issues with other kids. One time, my parents' friends' kids was playing with one...
  3. H

    Has anyone else had this?

    When I was a kid, I would often tell my mom “I feel like I want to cry but I don’t know why”. I would just feel sad and I didn’t even know why. Is this a common thing for INFJs? Especially as kids?
  4. Ginny

    Childhood Skill Acquisition

    I was wondering today: is there a correlation between the personality type and the speed at which the individual child acquires skills like walking, reading and so on? I don't have anything to go on but my experiences. For instance, my mother told me that I was already walking at ten months...