1. aeon

    AI Created This

    This is a megathread for AI-generated artworks of any kind. The usual forum rules apply.
  2. mintoots

    Any suggestions?

    Are you ever in that mood where you want to read a book or watch a film but no title comes to mind? Often, I am. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a specific kind of film or music or art but would find that my current library or watchlist isn't satisfying. Hence, this thread: Mechanics: 1. Explain...
  3. flower

    Artistic Preferences Scale "The APS was developed to measure individual differences in what people enjoy about visual art. It measures three scales, two that are applicable to the style of the work and one that is applicable to the content of the work."
  4. Slava Batkaev

    Chord for each cognitive function?

    Hello everyone! Is it possible that each cognitive function has its own note, chord? What do you think? If something like this exists, can you give notes, chords for each cognitive function?
  5. Impact Character

    Creativity based on Sensing VS. Intuition? (Design&Art)

    So, researching on creativity and MBTI always seem to spit out articles summed up as following: "Creativity = Intuition" But what is with Sensor types? I sincerely doubt that sensors don't have some kind of own way to be creative.. I wonder a bit ..what the differences between intuition or...
  6. HelloItsMe

    [INFJ] Writing a personal statement for a psychotherapy masters?

    Hello! I'm writing my personal statement etc for an Art Psychotherapy MA, the uni says they specify as a Jungian based course. I have lots of things I'd like to say, lots of things that tie into Jungian analysis, I have a jist of what my strengths might be but... I don't know I'm stuck. If...
  7. Free

    Shitty Horoscopes

    Thought I'd share this unique collection. Shitty Horoscopes by Amrit Brar Source and more from the artist: (Will post each astrological sign individually)
  8. Night Owl

    Your Favourite Paintings/Artists

    What is your favourite painting? And why? Feel free to share a few if you have them. Do you have a favourite art period? A favourite artist? Or two, or three? What do you like about them, or their work? Mainly in regards to paintings/painters, but feel free to branch out beyond...