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advice needed

  1. Vaguethinker

    What do I do about possible infidelity?

    For context I am 20 and still living with my family. I think my stepdad may have cheated on my mom and I’m not sure how to proceed. My mom has been gone on a trip for work the past three weeks. And a week later, one night my stepdad told me he was going out to the bar with a friend that I...
  2. Mailin

    [INFJ] Need advice (enfp)

    Hi, I have been learning about mbti and their functions as I am an INFJ and always had many many questions about life which ive been answering thanks to functions to understand myself better. Of course its a forever journey but it helps me out to narrow down information and to keep my emotions...
  3. ItzRhys

    I need an advice from mature INFJs

    I'm a really immature/unhealthy INFJ'T and I'm very self critical and need help, I've once have Insomnia and because of it I had depression having alot of suicidal thoughts and overcame it, and this past days I've been so self critical and having depression and suicidal thoughts again maybe...