The Mixed Tape
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  • Leicester is good. My brother studied English there. No need for books to sample classic literature and poetry these days. The internet is awash with the stuff, but Project Gutenberg is a good place to start. :) As for Keats, try Lamia, although it's a long one. Otherwise his Odes are probably his best work - my favourite being To Autumn. It's worth giving Tennyson another chance. I recommend Idylls of the King.

    Good luck with your exams. :)
    Hello :) Great to hear back from you. I studied at Warwick uni. Where are you going? I'm sure you'll find some cool friends once you're there. There's always something for everybody in a university environment. :) Rossetti's poetry is marvelous, although I probably love Keats a little more. :D
    You're very welcome. :) Glad to have you with us. I studied English Lit. at uni a few years back. Are you excited about starting your course?
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