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    1. Melkor
      I'm a bastard.
      I Hope you aren't frequenting the forums more. That would make it even worse. I'm sorry this reply took so long. <3 I enjoy Wilde very much. Though it's been a while. Perhaps I should revisit him for inspiration. He's so easy to read and yet so rewarding. I don't know. I am in the habit of analysis every aspect of vital situations, and when it comes to interpersonal relations my habit of focusing on all that might go wrong puts me off well before I start. I might be lonely, but at least I'm safe.
      I could name a few important people on here whom distrust and or dislike me for my lack of feely prowess.
    2. Bird
    3. Melkor
      I did it again, hrm?
      I'd be a terrible teacher really, all this greed for knowledge and lack of patience for explanations.

      Yes, indeed, but as Wilde says, and I'm constantly telling myself this when I'm down:
      "Only the shallow truly know themselves"

      Bah, I'm only being truthful because the truth is both blatant and horrible, and I don't mind degrading myself if it helps keep people at a distance.

      A fairly good person? Hrm, I don't know... I thought I was notorious here for not being Feely enough.
    4. Claridon
      very interesting piece, very beautiful....it does have a bit of Rachmaninoff flavor...oddly my first thought was of Weimar era caberet. Have never heard that before, thank you for sharing it
    5. Melkor
      I'm sorry SPQR, I think my response was buried under a host of personal issues and profile spam.

      Me? Trustworthy?

      Hrm, I never spill secrets, due to a combination of my desire to horde my own knowledge out of some selfish indignance, and my habit of never really discussing personal issues with people unless they directly involve myself or them, they're boring otherwise.
      So, perhaps if you wanted advice or recommendations, yes, maybe in that aspect I would be trustworthy, as I have a habit of being truthful.

      On the other hand, I tend to be volatile, covertly sensitive, moody and unintentionally rude...
      I might be a safe place for leaving information or extracting it, however, on the personal level I become very unreliable, perhaps being highly sympathetic one day, and apathetic and logical the next...

      It depends on the person really, I find myself making an effort to be cheery for some.

      I think overall, I wouldn't trust me.
    6. Claridon
      I love piano, love it. Can't play, but that doesn't affect my appreciation of it. Big fan of the composer Alkan, too.
      this was a fun one to watch
      [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XIx0ILXODw"]YouTube - Alkan Grand Etude Duet[/ame]
    7. Claridon
      I am not an expert on piano, but Horowitz has always stood out a great interpreter.
      Thanks for the comment
    8. Bird
      I have been an emotional mess.
      But I'm keeping it together. And
      that is the important thing.

      What do you go to school for?
      - I'm sorry if I've already asked..
    9. Bird
    10. Melkor
      Hrm, this begs the question, are you trustworthy enough to be confided in? Oddly, though I came here for distraction, enlightenment and comfort, I haven't really confided in any of the members yet.

      I like advice, especially when it's from a feeler. A bit of balance is good.

      I have a small, extroverted work-buddy who loves that comic, he says I'm the tiger and he's the little git. *Shrug* possibly reflecting on our height and idealogical differences.
    11. Melkor
      Well, I don't know. I'm not much of a talker, so I'm not so sure listening would help. Though I can be a complete extrovert amongst people I trust, which are few and far between!

      Hrm, you any at giving advice?

      Hrm, so you can tolerate them, but aren't too fond of them?

      Heh, sucks to be an introvert, connecting with people is so difficult, and most of the time not worth the effort.

      Nice comic though.:D
    12. Bird
      Are you still in Asia?
    13. Melkor
      Well, I often suffer from acidentally assuming gender, and then making gender specific claims that go on to embarass me.
      So I like to just be ambiguious until I'm certain.

      Urh, no, there isn't much you can do to help. Outside of distracting me with intellectual conversation. That tends to help I think.

      New situations? I might just try that...

      You have four friends you know well enough to live with?D:

      Wow... I've never even had one I was that close to.
    14. Melkor
      I've been dreadful.
      Every day is a struggle and I'd love to just lock myself in a room composed of many blankets and a full fridge.

      I don't know, life doesn't seem worth it, but neither does death.

      What about you sir/madam?
    15. Melkor
      I enjoy you.
    16. Bird
      My right hand is itching quite terribly
      and the collar on my shirt is annoying
      my throat.

      How are you?
    17. Bird
      Mew. mew.
    18. Melkor
      Or we could just be inhuman.

      I like that idea.

      I'll be a son of Jenova, and you can be an intergalactic shapeshifter hell bent on destroying all earth-bound beings via deception and ungodly powers.

    19. Bird
      I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
      Twelve thirty.
    20. Melkor

      Well now I suppose we have to attempt procreation, thus destroying all attraction, fond feelings and/or common ground we might have had.

      If my knowledge of human interaction is at all up to date that is.
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