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    1. just me
      just me
      Southern Baptists used to preach similar to your words. I could never pick just two, but Isaiah 53 is important to me. I like I Corinthians 14, but stress in it the importance of the edification of the body of Christ. Please tell me if you understand what I am saying. jm
    2. just me
      just me
      Sorry you came into a hurricane. See you're a preacher. Mind if I ask what denomination? And what are some of your favorite scriptures?
    3. dudemanbro
      Have you ever read about Jung's concept of the Higher Self? This is much like how I see Jesus and the Holy Spirit in relation to me.
    4. dudemanbro
      Yes! That's exactly the Christ I'm talking about.

      I actually just had a thought. I think that my idea may stem from a sermon I once heard at a Baptist church near my home, where the pastor said that Jesus came to Earth so that God could understand us from a human perspective, hence the notion that he had the potential to be tempted arose. I don't know if such an idea is found in the Canon Bible.

      Perhaps I can ask a question like this instead: If he didn't have the potential to be tempted, then why did Satan even try to tempt him out there in the desert? If Jesus was immune to temptation, then why would Satan try?

      EDIT: and yes, I do know that Christ is a united God and flesh. I suppose then, that any beautiful promises that Satan could have made to Jesus would just seem to Him as a sham, and obvious trick.
    5. dudemanbro
      "I'm not questioning your sincerity, but you are totally wrong.
      Christ is utterly incapable of sin. He's God."
      Unfortunately the thread closed when it got interesting. Anyway I wanted to respond to you!

      I honestly have spend a lot of time thinking . . . and thinking . . . and thinking more. I always ended up going in circles, so I tried to feel. Feeling helped quite a bit, but it still requires a lot of effort every day and I try to do my best to follow the example of Christ and study his behaviour and his reaction to the situations of his time as recorded in the Bible (I use the King James Version, the New International Version, and The Message . . . and I list these in order of familiarity). Anyway...

      I know what I just said is pretty vague, but it describes my walk of faith pretty well. I guess because of the experiences I've had, I found myself believing in God . . . it was an unconscious process, I just discovered after some time that where I used to have great difficulty in believing, I now have great difficulty in NOT believing! :D So, where am I going with this? Well, I have come to believe (though this is subject to change) that Christ was sent to show us the Way, and to do so he had to be someone people could relate to, because people cannot truly relate to God. The problem then is that in order to be relatable, he had to be subject to temptation, like us. So, though he did not sin, I reasoned that it was possible - he just chose otherwise.

      I find it utterly amazing that someone lived so close to God as to be INCAPABLE of sin. I guess what I meant to say was that he always had the power to choose just as all created beings can choose to sin or to do good instead (the important different being that he always chose to do good). Maybe we think the same but use different terminology?

      I see you're a fairly new member. Welcome! I hope my visitor message was coherent - I have trouble with that often. Peace be with you. :)
    6. LucyJr
      Thank you for the answers. I thought you would get offended, but I was wrong :D
    7. LucyJr
      I want to ask you some questions.
      For how many years are you a christian? How much experience do you have with people? How much experience do you have in preaching the goespel?
      Are you submitted to a local church and a pastor? Do you give account for your words to anyone?
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