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  • Hey there!

    I've noticed we have much in common...especially with our special-someones. I really hope things work out between you and your sweetie! Seems like you both were made for each other~ It's great seeing such a strong-love-believing INTP... (i'm not saying you guys are incapable of that lol :p)

    Quick question though---since you're 9 yrs older than me, I guess you have a lot more experience in relationships. When did you realize what you wanted in a mate? Do you feel like a large reason why you fell in love with *her* is because you were finally met up with your "match" in many ways?
    Nice. Yeah, I'm in Tennessee right now and I'm moving to Massachusetts in about 2 weeks. I cant wait. I miss Texas often though. Where up north do you want to move?
    Well yea.. for about.. 27 our 29 years. :p You say I'm a local. lol But I'm eager to move up north.. where you can do this little thing called breathing. lol :p
    Hi! I just noticed you're in San Antonio!!! :D That's where I'm from. Did you grow up there? Anyway, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it here.
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