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    1. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      5 books at once! Haha. I've managed to resist going over 4 at once. I try and stick to 1 fiction and 1 non fiction although my damned curiosity sometimes gets its way. Reading how to teach quantum physics to your dog, wizard of ads (about human nature, not wizards) and just finished chasm city by alastair reynolds (sci fi). About to start part five of a series about Julius Caesar's life. Do you read sci fi? Please be a sci fi geek, lol

      I cant believe a scientist just said they think they'd feel dumb around me. Lol. I was actually thinking i'd feel dumb around you. Emotional intelligence is considered the highest form of intelligence. Its certainly the most useful. Im sure we could learn a lot from each other. I'd love to hear about what your job entails, what research you're involved in. Animals fascinate me. I love trying to figure out what they're thinking and how they're thinking it. Its a humbling thought to consider the full range of subjective experiences that must be possible in our strange little universe

      I lucid dream too! It happens to me on average once or twice a month. I immediately start flying, lol. A way to make ot happen more often is to ask yourself if you're dreaming and then try and fly periodically throughout the day. Especially when something strange happens (remember not to go insane if you do this). This is how I realise i'm dreaming. Its always a total shock when it works. Probably the most fun I've ever had although its a shame the memory of it fades so much

      Why do you have an over active brain at the moment?
    2. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      I just ordered ishmael. I'll let you know what I think. It sounds really interesting in the reviews. I have a suggestion for you if interested. Try a book called Sum by David Eagleman. Its forty short stories that suggest possible afterlives. However, if you read between the lines its not really about that. Its about appreciating this life, relationships and happiness. Its probably the most surprising and thought provoking books I've ever read. There's a line on the back where they praise the book that says "will haunt the reader long after the last page is turned" this is very true.

      Unfortunately no, I don't know a single person like me. No one interested in science and the brain etc. That is probably the biggest issue in my life. The thing holding me back from being happy. I hate the culture where I live. Ignorance is highly valued and knowledge shunned.

      So, astral projection, did it work? I like to do something called image streaming although you probably know it as spirit walking. I put on a theta brain wave meditation cd, close my eyes and ask myself a question. Blobs of light appear in my vision, I describe them and it turns into a kind of waking dream. I get a visual metaphor for the answer to my question. Its freakily effective. Also, transcendental meditation is on my prodigious list of things to learn about. That seems like it might be the holy grail of freaky mind fuck techniques

      It seems we are peas in a pod. Im glad you signed up here (also, props to ruji, lol).
    3. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      It sounds like we're basically in the same boat. Philosophers surrounded by cavemen. I look talking about the things you mentioned. Consciousness, science, psychology etc. I'm not religious but am fascinated by religion and spirituality. I'm currently reading How to Teach Quantum a Physics to Your Dog. My fourth QP book. I know literally nobody that would do anything other than sneer and roll their eyes at that. I've recently been learning about Orchestrated Objective Reduction (possible proof of the soul and afterlife), simulation theory and mulling over some of the frankly terrifying solutions to the Fermi Paradox. Again, I couldn't possibly talk to anyone at work about any of this

      Other interests include Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), writing/storytelling, reading and working out. I plan to take up aikido soon also. The philosophy behind it fascinates me. Its about defending yourself without hurting your attacker. It teaches you to care for all life. Even the jerk that is trying to hit you.

      Im interested in the more deep discussions on here. The reason I don't really join un there is because I've been a member here 8 years and the topics tend to get recycled a lot. You end up having the same discussions over and over.

      So.... Are you suitably freaked out yet? Think i'm weird? Well, of course you are correct. Lol

      (they are talking about football right now. I can feel them judging me for being on my phone instead)
    4. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      I've only just started new job so it remains to be seen if I like it long term. The issue at the moment is the people here are all typical blokes. They talk about football, gambling, fighting and drinking. They're nice people but I don't know how to talk to them. They have no interest in deep, complex issues.

      I have found that 95% of people are freaked out by 95% of the things i'm interested in so you're not alone there :hug:

      Personally i'd rather be alone than with someone who doesn't share at least some of my quirky interests. I guess that's why im perpetually single lol

      INTJ's tend to be jerks. Not always of course, but usually. They are the typical "i'm right, you're wrong" kind of people. Probably best to move them down the preference list

      Obviously INTP's are the bees knees.....
    5. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Yet it worked!

      Actually INFJ's and INTP's are extremely similar. Wyote said it best... "INTP's are INFJ's that don't give a fuck". From different directions, we arrive at the same place. Cuddly INTP's and INFJ's are almost indistinguishable. There have been many INTP's here over the years. We're kinda the class clowns. Lol.

      I was a Lifeguard until recently. Now I chrome plate things. Overalls, spanner, grease. That's me. I missed my calling as a scientist by focusing on partying through my teens and early twenties. Was an Employment Coach for five years or so but didn't like the politics of office life so moved on. I'm kinda envious of your cool job tbh. Lol

      So... What have you learned about us mysterious male creatures from your travels?

      I wont give a kiss smiley as I've recently been accused of being the forum player thanks to Ruji trying to pimp out newbies

    6. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Make of it whatever you want. There are lots of different styles of thread. My favourites are the imagination exercises like +1 sentence to an absurd story. There are some great debates about science, religion, philosophy and psychology. They're awesome too. There's a lot of funny threads where we basically take it in turns to take the piss out of each other. Its mostly good natured although of course occasionally it gets heated

      Im here because I thought I was INFJ to start with. I liked it so stuck around. I still sometimes think I might be INFJ *shrugs*

      That's a cool job btw. I love birds. I've recently learned how cool hooded crows are but I guess you know all about that

      I wont know that you've replied btw unless you post response on my profile page. That's kinda how visitor messages work. Just click on the persons username and it will take you there :hug:
    7. PintoBean
      Sorry, that was Moore, not Monroe. Typo. lovely pic:)
    8. Pyrrhula
      Hi - thank you! I should do, although I'm not sure what to make of it yet...

      Pyrrhula pyrrhula is the Latin name for bullfinch. I'm an ornithologist, and also a Taurus :D

      How/why are you on an INFJ forum??

    9. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Hey welcome to the forum. Hope you stick around. I have to know, what does Pyrrhula mean?

      Oh, and of course :kiss:
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