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  • Cool stuff man! I went and looked up Chris Clark and his electronic stuff is legit! It sounds a lot like music from old 32 bit video games, I really like it!. Yeah John Frusciante is what got me into music. He was the first artist I can ever remember liking. I have not heard of Crystal Castles however, what would you recommend by them?
    Hey! :) Haha! Glad you enjoyed accompanying your friends to their convention! :p

    I will be teaching English and History! I hope it goes well, my plan might still change, though! And I think I would prefer teaching the younger kids as they're less likely to to be rude like some high schoolers!

    Glad that you're enjoying so far! You definitely need to post more :p Why do you want to move? :eek:
    Thanks for the welcome! As for music I am one of the biggest John Frusciante fans on the planet. Or at least I think so. His work is amazing. The Mars Volta is one of the best bands out imo. I can do pretty much everything except country but I tend to stay the Alternative/Rock ballpark. I also love good Electronica but I haven't really tried to find any yet. How about you? What are you into?
    It is! It's essentially teaching from the age of 5 to 18 so elementary (primary) right through to secondary :D I love helping people so it's really perfect for me. I think if you like working with people on a personal level, teaching would be great! You could always make a thread about potential career ideas in the "Education and Careers" section? :p I think I did mention it in my first introduction post so I guess that's where you read it :p Also friend request accepted :D! How are you liking the forum so far? :)
    Oh how misleading! Musicians perform to people! What more do you neeed :p I'm a full-time student currently studying a BA/BTeach :D! I am an INFP and I have no idea where you read that! :p I'm not really overly artistic :p I don't casually make music like you do (although I wish I did!) I think there might actually be a thread where people post all their art stuff, but you'll have to search for it :p
    Yeah well "cocobean" is a nickname! :p I did google Hipo and I came to the same conclusion that it;s just a made up word :p like mine! :D We're so similaaaar! :D
    YOU WISH! :D! You could always use google.com? :) Also what is a Hipo? Is it an animal that is not quite a Hippo? D:
    Yeah, there's a couple of those courses here in Norway too, but I wouldn't spend my money on it. Fiddle with Valve Hammer for a couple of years using tutorials, make a portfolio of level designs, and you're on your way to become a level designer, and it didn't cost you 150,000 SEK/NOK in the process. I live up North in Norway, above the polar circle, close to the edge, where all the reindeers are at. Except, I haven't seen a reindeer in ten years, lol. Where in Sweden are you at? South? It's been a while now since I drove through E45.
    Haha I remember masticores, I had a couple of those.

    Yea Moxen are worth a crap ton too. I had a few Beta cards and lots of Alliance and Weatherlight.
    I started playing right around when Unlimited and Revised came out and stopped around when Sixth edition came out.

    My friend had a Power Nine set, minus the Black Lotus and Timetwister. I played against a couple of people with those cards though. One guy had three Black Lotus'.
    Cool! I am quite honored, and yes I do play. I'm not as familiar with the newer expansions because I was more active playing about ten years ago.
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