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  • Now I am, but it's 10:30am .. Have I missed your mania? You been to sleep? lol
    "bare hilare".. I'm totally robbing that and am going to do my best mates head in via using it.... excessively xD

    I think my gaydar works.. But not enough to rely on....

    I just don't see what justification there is for forcing me to answer shit I don't wanna answer.

    I feel dirty, like I've been violated... Not.

    I've just got less platforms to procrastinate on now. I've had to resort to organising my bookmarks, Hmphf!

    Yes, I'm a stubborn little shit.

    I don't fuckin care, what a stupid reason to ban somebody.

    And yes your Highness, you get it. My issue is with her LIES not her sexuality. haha, chuckle, chuckle.

    Also, is it your font settings that need to be changed, or mine? Can't see this text on your wall.

    And yup, you get why she lies too.
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