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  • Yes better advice would have been "In addition to wasting the past 2.5 years of your life, you should consider wasting more of your life, or even the alternative. Then choose one, or dont choose at all." Get with it man.
    :lol: Really? The first thing that came to mind when I saw the moderate results was *D: I have ALOT to work on*.
    cool =) Mirror's Edge seems to be an interesting game. (Didn't play it tho D:. So is Portal, though I do have the first game...)
    I guess, if we can find purpose in pondering the things one has no control over. Was that too shallow? Either way, you're 19? You don't look 19, are you sure you're 19? Well, I guess, you've probably been 19 for almost a year, so I guess that's probably subsided into you somehow. I always told people I was 16 when I was 17, it was out of habit, really, sometimes those little facts just slip your mind.

    But nevermind that. I can't tell if this is a question or a humble and poetic way to start some kind of philosophical conversation. I guess there are more interpretations as well. But one of the reasons I somehow believe the answer is leaning more towards the latter is because I vaguely recall writing where I was born and where I live somewhere in my bio, maybe it was cryptic, I'm not exactly sure. Either way, I don't knooooooooooooooow. I want to move soon anyways. I've been in the same house for.... Over.... like... 2-3 years? I'm not even sure anymore! But either way, it's been way too long. I hope to move to Amsterdam soon, yes, but we'll see.
    Maybe maybe. :D But avoidance and escaping sounds like I'm running. And that's not my objective. My objective is to work in harmony to reach common goals with groups. For instance, at my job mostly estp or esfp offers a better experience opposed to if I were to focus on intj. However, as far as studying, if I were by myself, intj might be the best. So basically I do my best to adapt to my surroundings opposed to limiting myself. That's my angle at least. :D
    As I understand it's not really a biography by definition. But the book is written with parallels to his life, from he was a sailor in his early life and then on.. simplyi his travel through life. The thoughts expressed as the views of the main character in the book, Martin Eden, is not exact thoughts that can be traced back to the philosophies London believed in. But the events in the book can be seen as a parallel to Londons life as I have understood.
    I have not read much of it so far. But my version of the book had an introduction explaining this, written by a professor, think his name was sinclair.
    Any way thats about the book. I grabbed it for reading because, couple years back I read 'the road' also by jack london. It's a short story collection with storys from londons life as a tramp. So i figured his life could have been interesting to read about.
    I think it was the avatar lol, and the fact that I was reading the "tell me about yourself" thread.

    It was too recognizable for some reason, maybe because you remind me of someone...
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