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  • Welcome back, Taushy *hugs*
    Just hit that capital A and the little arrow next to it and select the color you'd like. : )
    so i did it. Now I need company. Tc? I'm wearing something low cut if that helps.
    I loved Weeds! I started rewatching it from the start recently and then forgot about it...I need to go back to that. Such a good show.

    I really don't understand why they would have got rid of Nicky though? She was one of the favourites and it was such a random way to get rid of a character....
    Yeah, I don't see how they will kill Alex off. It doesn't make any sense.
    Piper's I'm the baddest bitch in town impression is so embarassing. I just feel constantly embarassed for her.

    Hopefully this means Ruby will be around next season. I wonder if they need her around as the new messed up relationship interest if Alex is gonna be killed off. Part of me wonders if she'll really die or just seriously injured, but that wouldn't really be consistant with the story as the guys a professional. Hmm.
    I was not confused. Also, she looks like she'd be a pain in the ass, doesn't she? I don't even like her in pictures...jus twatching her on screen she's got this air abut just want to kiss her. But not date her...nah just fuck and go.
    nope - we don't delete things like that. We can deactivate/ban your account and scramble your username if you want.
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