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Dec 3, 1977 (Age: 41)
my current "job"- elementary school teacher: love

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Mar 2, 2011
    1. Adymus
      Technics Headphones ftw, just don't let that shit break on you.
    2. Korg
      I didn't like that track but I will listen to others.
    3. Jana
      Hi, to Spanish almost neighbour...
    4. Korg
      I am a huge NIN fan as well. Trent used a lot of modular synthesis on Year Zero but I am not sure if he used that exact system right there. I used to make tracks but haven't in years. These days, I go game audio professionally so it's how I satisfy my creative audio urges - and make a living at it. : )
    5. Korg
      I was thinking analog as in modular synthesis. The Doepfer A-100 for example:

    6. sassafras
      Just stopping by to say that I think you give awesome advice and you seem like an interesting person :)
      Welcome to the forums, by the way!
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    Dec 3, 1977 (Age: 41)
    my current "job"- elementary school teacher: love
    throughout childhood- mom said I should be artist, grandma said musician just like long bloodline of musicians. excelled in school, played cello throughout

    graduated high school in 3 years (with HELLA obstacles coming from one of the poorest zip codes in the country in Hell Paso, Texas) at age 17

    graduated Texas A&M Univ - College Station, texas in 3 years at age 20

    earned slot in Domestic Peace Corps- Seattle, WA at age 20

    learned to DJ age 20- from other Hell Pasoans who were always in the right place at the right time in Seattle

    worked for research scientists age 21-23

    age 23-26 - can't remember though i was homeless and slept in parks, ate from trash cans, for a few on-off periods and stayed in austin a few months, for a while lived at the YMCA

    joined Navy age 26 as cryptologist, never did get to apply to OCS, was Enlisted as Aviation Electronics Tech then separated at age 27 for Borderline and Bulimia

    became a teacher at age 28 til now, 32

    moving into self employed musician/ web developer

    NEVER stopped playing music, became MUCH MUCH more financially intelligent overnight (I will never again lose years of life to homelessness or hunger)
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    my parents and family

    my computers with internet

    my music gear


    exercise/ diet routines

    alone time
    What would be your epitaph?:
    she was strange, though not a stranger

    always polite, never a meddler

    it took some time to understand her

    she hid herself, she felt in danger

    of being known, as lone derranger
    type 5; sp/so/sx
    I creep out my friends n fam when "intuitive" stuff happens- - such as having dreams about people who r sick and letting em know as they are driving to doc or as they r developing symptoms. I am happier being around only a very few select friends and my family because others seem too challenged by my academic abilities. I'm a musician and have a hard time making male musician friends because I take very good care of myself, so males usually want to "date" then feel challenged, I guess, when I dominate in music and art. I've resorted to acting "dumb" sometimes for the sake of not having everyone pile all their work on to me at work, and not making waves with other musicians. I prefer to work quietly at home, on music and otherwise, with my few friends.

    BS- Psychology
    AAS- Web Development
    MS- Education
    Navy A School - some cryptology, Aviation Electronics
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