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    Heh, he was the first to learn the secret of immortality who was not buried on Korriban.
    However, Sidious was far more fun, until he won, then he was dry and not fun.

    I believe that Qui Gon Jinn would have remained fun.
    Debateable. I liked Darth Qui Gon Jinn best of all.

    He was one laid back bastard.
    Hmm... well, you certainly got the impression of how it felt, though not the reasons behind it (which seems reasonable given that it was a visual representation). I was made to feel ashamed of my feminine traits for the first time at that age (whereas before they'd been overlooked), and forced to operate though and attempt to develop a vague, faroff idea of masculinity that had hitherto just been a static mental image I didn't really relate to.

    Abuse? Not really, but it did hurt me.
    Thank you for the e-hug. I needed it.

    But out of curiosity... what does it seem like I meant by those images?
    Just a day?

    You're doing it wrong!

    Longest I've been on the street was about four days?

    Not altogether, just at once.

    I had no money, so I just went looking for coppers on the ground.

    I was able to buy an out of date loaf and a two litre of water for less then fifty pence!:D

    Suffice to say, I was still
    quite hungry, despite being a fair bit shorter then!

    But the forests comforted me.
    Yes, I imagine it could buy an hour in an internet Cafe!


    I don't know, never used a Dollar before.
    Broken beggar?

    How very sad.

    I know many of you, and yet I'm wont to pass you by without so little as a smile.
    We're working on figuring out why the posts have gone into moderation. There's nothing wrong with them, and when we approve them nothing happens. Just waiting for one of the tech admins to figure out what's glitching. Sorry about the inconvenience!
    The French loooove cheese. But I have never heard a French man say he loved it. Instead they talk about it, write poems about it and greatly praise it - they speak of it's "objective goodness." Mind you this is just a generalisation.
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