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  • He has cancer.

    I have my own place, actually.
    I'm just letting my friend Joseph
    stay there for the time being.
    Not at all.
    The only one that really still lives here is my little brother
    and he's moving out in a few months.
    I'm home because my dad's sick.

    It's nice to see my family every day, but
    living on my own is so much better.
    I have four living older sisters, an older brother, and a younger brother.

    I love the quiet as well. I only get it early in the morning.
    My name is Brianna.
    It's not very pretty imo either.

    Do you have any siblings?
    Tis deels blind.
    Een schone persoonlijkheid kan iemand mooier maken.
    Maakt ook uw postvak-in is ne x leeg, want ik kan niks meer sturen.
    Kdenk toch dat da daardoor is da ge men laatste 2 berichten ni hebt gehad :(
    Eigenlijk moest ik m totaal nog ni neerhalen.

    I see. You're too afraid to leave the social womb, and a cunning cage it is.

    No matter, you don't have to come.


    I'll only ask once.;)
    Uhu, want ik zou dat echt doen via een forum.
    En ik zou het zelfs publiekelijk zeggen.
    Melkor is nen dikke zaag en m kan toch ni lezen wa dak zeg ;D
    I'm a city boy technically, but my hearts always been in the forests, plains and fields just outside the heavier populations.

    I'll take you to one of this Bag end clones I'm always stumbling upon.
    Then you ought to follow me more.

    Or... No, I don't think I'd like that. Just walk beside me.

    We'll influence each other, and each will get only half of the way they wanted to go, yet will have seen things they never imagined seeing.
    Ik dacht dat House zijn been was verloren in de oorlog en dat dit nu zo'n metalen ding was?
    I wanna really, really, really... Er.. Zigga-zig-ah.

    Uhm, well, everyone is a story, is just so happens not all are worth reading.

    Though I'm convinced that those who refuse to share are almost always twice as intriguing as the ones who can't stop telling.
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