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  • Avva.

    I hope you are well :)

    And that Christmas-time
    has been pleasant for you!
    I have been ill.

    Birch trees are pretty but they don't
    grow very tall. (in the world of trees)
    I'm rather under the weather these days.

    What kind of trees does Belgium have?
    Sorry I missed your message in irc!
    I was away from my computer. My
    sister had stopped by.
    Kweetni, de prijzen varieerden wel wat.
    Ik heb er 2 bmx'n, een gitaar en nen versterker mee gekocht.
    Ik denk dat het in totaal me ongeveer 700€ heeft opgebracht.
    I've been taught that the only person you can ever depend on is yourself.
    And even that isn't that reliable.
    My family is very selfish.

    I could turn to them but I would not be met with
    open arms or kind words.
    Even though I have a big family,
    growing up it was pretty much
    my mom me and my brother. My
    parents got divorced when I was
    young (they recently got married,
    again) and because my siblings are
    so much older than I am they were
    gone when I was growing up. My
    sister Rachel was just super rebellious
    and not home very much. And for
    awhile it was just me and my dad.
    I would say it is more fun than a small family
    if you don't have to interact daily with them.
    Oh yeah.
    Family get togethers usually include my father's brothers
    and sisters too. And with them come their children and
    their grand-children. Though my father is one of the
    oldest from his family a lot of my cousins are older than
    I am and have children themselves. Sometimes my grandpa
    will invite his brothers and sisters and they bring their families
    too. It can be very loud. I don't really like it that much. I do
    because it's my family but I don't because everyone's just
    getting drunk and arguing about who's paycheck is bigger and
    who bought the nicest boat or whatever.
    My oldest sister has two boys, I have another sister that has two boys and a daughter, my older brother
    recently had a child and it's a girl, my older sister Rachel has two boys.

    I don't know the exact age of Amber or Cortney's children but I was still fairly young at their births. My
    brother's baby is a few months old and my sister Rachel's children are one and three.
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