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  • you got shoved in a user group that is labeled registered users awaiting confirmation and restricts your permissions. sometimes happens if you change emails, if not IDK
    Thank you so much for the hug. It makes me smile.... I can't honestly say I feel better....but the smile helps. :kiss:
    Thanks…I really appreciate the support from everyone!
    Makes one think on the idea that we need to be in the now…because I would have never thought that would have happened that morning, but it did.
    Who knows how long each of us actually has?
    It was just one hell of a reminder!
    Wow! Thank you so much for this info! Yes. I will get them to check it next time.
    aye. ain't nothin' but a thing. Which reminds me I have a question i need to post in that thread if i can find the write words to describe the issue.
    You are wonderful to offer this service to us here. I responded in the thread. :hug:
    Surviving :)

    The last week has been a really interesting time. Some people that I would least expect it from have been really good to me. Christmas turned out much better than I expected, pleasant and peaceful. I realized that everything is going to be ok no matter what. At the same time though I've received some big revelations which has caused some pretty big emotional swings for me, so, you know, the usual INFJ stuff :), swinging between feeling positive and being emotionally tortured. It's all good though, it's just life.

    How are you?
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