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Which fictional character do you most identify with & Why?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Media' started by Ookami, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. This is a good thread I saw on another site. I'm not sure if it was posted here just yet.

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    I'll post what I said there, and this is me being 100% honest & showing all my flaws.

    "I identify with Gregory House for obvious reasons. We're both fairly intelligent. We are both brash, and cocky. Sometimes arrogant without meaning too, and without means. We enjoy games, and play pranks on our friends, and non friends. We both get annoyed fairly quickly, and tend to get abusive verbally when threatened verbally. We will fight back in a psychical fight even at the huge risk of hurting ourselves. Very opinionated; Often seeming hypocritical because our minds don't function in a fluid motion, but instead in a fluctuating pattern; Which make our opinions difficult to understand. We often run off the closest friends we have just because we lack tact, or just because we're who we are. Thus we keep a limited amount of close friends and see the rest of the world as contacts or chess pieces. We like to hit on girls, and are very sexual, and open. We're honest when we shouldn't be and dishonest when we should be. We both love to learn, and love challenges/mysteries."
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  2. (sorry, but I had to change it. A different character seemed more fitting all round.)


    Maka, from Soul Eater:

    I identify with Maka because her attitude and beliefs are alot like my own. She has had hard experiences with men and finds it hard to trust them, even her partner Soul and dislikes her father alot. She feels inadequate and not as strong as her peers although she strives to be as strong as they are. Her attitude is a lot like mine, except i'm a little more introverted than her. It's more like a cross between Tsubaki and Maka but Maka's strong will and experience is more like my own.

    She is very independent and likes to make it known that she does not need anybody when she actually does. She's a people pleaser, and studies hard to be as good as everyone else. She likes to prove herself better but not by showing off or bragging, but more in a silent and sophisticated manner. However, we have the same faults. We can be a little hot headed in certain situations or push ourselves too hard to be better. We both have a low self esteem and try to make up for it by acting as though we don't care. Also, we both tend to be a little arrogant when it comes to intelligence, and can rush into situations without thinking things through properly just to prove our worth.
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  3. Lelouch Lamperouge (vi Brittania) from Code Geass.


    I identify with that guy for many reasons. First of all, internal conflict regarding beliefs and ideologies. We're both confused as to what is Justice, Love, how much should one use his power for his own ambition or the common good. We both desire to keep our identities hidden until the time is right. Plus we both want to conquer the planet, even though we know we would make no difference because power corrupts, although I haven't received any Geass so that desire may be forgotten in the future. Also, we share the tragedy of having a mortal enemy and thinking that the means justify the end, only to later realise that you've become that enemy yourself. Using others as pawns to achieve your goals, and finally feeling devastated for what you've done, after realising that they trully believed in you. And we're both elitist and ambitious pigs on occasion.

    Apart from the psychological reasons, we share the same education (even though I'm more educated since he's 17), the same interests (chess is the only thing I love playing ever since I was 9, and I always choose Black), the same terrible physical condition (I can't run), we both have a younger sister and we would sacrifise the world for her sake (only mine is far younger) and we're both attractive. We're also eloquent speakers and we're both too proud to take anything others give us freely. We're also terribly unethical on occasion, and feel guilty for all the bullshit we've done. Plus we're both show offs and completely stupid when it comes to ladies. We also take some extremely strange standing poses. And we can't do anything on our own. Finally,we both have strange names.

    Now the only things which separate us is him having the Geass (yeah, that one BIG difference) and me being a smoker, and some difference in intelligence. I wanted him to win, and when I realised that I was voting for Hitler, I looked at my mirror scared shitless.
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  4. [​IMG]

    I'd have to say Sakura from Naruto. Her past was a lot like mine plus she was kind of mean when she was little. In addition, she had to work twice as hard as her teamates because she doesn't have the sharingan or a demon inside of her. That is sort of like me because in order for me to get something, I have to work twice as hard as others do.
  5. One of these three.



  6. [​IMG]
    Lia de Beaumont.

    She and I share a similar disposition; calm, considerate, ladylike, but we play rough and stand up for what we believe in. There's lots of anger and feelings of unhappinesss boiling beneath the surface, however; there's also a bit of vengeance in our souls.
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    Half the time Vash The Stampede and half the time Kisuke Urahara. They're both serious with a positive outlook and a ridiculous side they don't often show. I find their persona/vibe very similar to myself. I'm not nearly as badass as either of them though ^_^ I would act as they do, if I were in their shoes.


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    Sylar (From NBC's Heroes)

    I identify with Sylar for a lot of reasons. As Gabriel Gray, he feels that there's more to him than being the "son of a watchmaker and a woman who collected snow globes." He craves for something more, and eventually, this is come to be known as Sylar's hunger, where he hungers for the abilities of other specials. I really relate with Sylar on these two notes. I have this feeling there's more to me than what others see and what I see, but I don't know what. I try to figure out what that something is, but with no luck (of course, Sylar figured this out after killing someone....). I guess I also crave for more than what I have.

    Sylar's ability has been dubbed Intuitive Aptitude, which enables him to understand how things work without extensive training. This is what he uses to take and use the abilities of others. I believe my intuition works in a similar manner. It helps me understand things, see the big picture and how the little things in that picture connect to make the final result. It's helped me get through tough times before and understand why times are so tough. I also relate that to understand people around me in a deeper way than others can't.

    Sylar has trouble displaying or feeling emotions at all. I feel my emotions, but I don't display them well. We also have a sick sense of humor, and kind of a cocky side to us sometime. But that tends to be our downfall, when we get that power-high. However, we both manage to bounce back to our normal selves with either our abilities or our intuition (both being the same in my case). It's also best not to press our buttons too much, since we have a short and dangerous temper. Even if we get knocked down, don't ever count us out. We'll be back, just as strong as ever, if not stronger.

    Another odd thing, people say I look like Sylar. That's another way I relate to him XD although that's more forced on me...
  9. an amalgamation of
  10. What happened to Nick Fury?
  11. I was too relaxed to be machiavellian.

    I've started to plan my next 6 months. I'm back to Machiavellian.

  12. Perfect! I loved Lia!

    I just hated the fact that she was loyal to that worthless bored-to-death king Louis.
  13. From a story-worthy standpoint, it would take away from the complexity of her character. Part of her was almost deliciously self-destructive in this way.

    It's really interesting. It's one of all of four animes I've seen in my lifetime, and was surprised to find that I enjoyed it so much.

    Then again, my obsession with Musketeers... does that surprise anyone, really?
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  14. [​IMG]

    William Adama: This character is portrayed in a manner that is almost exactly like my personality.

    Highly pragmatic, cares little for ceremony, master tactician, able to make hard decisions. Very hard on the outside, commands respect but does not demand it.

    Inside, his emotions are very guarded, he shares them only with a chosen few. Completely disagrees with his son, but refuses to abandon him and will always stand behind him. Eventually falls in love with a NF, which to the outside world seems at ends with his personality. I believe every NT needs an NF.
  15. I'm a cross of the two teachers Severus Snape (Harry Potter) and Ibuki Mano (Closed Note). Some might think that's an odd mix, but not if you really think hard on it.

  16. Well, they could make Louis a bit more interesting. Personaly, I think his character was awful. He was too low to be a king. Then again the real Louis wasn't that much different from what they made him look like in the series.

    When you finaly decide to become a musketeer yourself, make sure to choose someone worthy to protect and be loyal to.
  17. You said it before I did. The real King Louis XV was a deadhead, fearful, desperate little man.

    Nah. I'm more likely to establish a new Order of musketeers than become one myself.

    At the moment, though, I consider myself in the process of climbing the ranks...
  18. Interesting topic question...kinda hard for me to answer too.

    If I had to pick it would be Shizuku from Whispers of the Heart. While watching the movie, my bf started cracking up because our similarities were so perfect, and our situations were almost exactly the same. Down to her mannerisms, hobbies, friends and personality--we're pretty much identical, lol.



  19. It's interesting how many INFJs identify with anime characters. :)

    And I don't really identify that strongly with any fictional characters I know of. At least not off the top of my head. Sure, I get inside their heads, feel what they feel, understand them. But that's just me being an infj. I identify with many characters in smaller ways, but none of them are me.

    Yes, this is an open invitation for suggestions. My curiosity is piqued now. :)
  20. [​IMG]
    By hinsoog at 2009-07-10
    So I just found this thread after posting in the thread about the meaning of everyones' avatars, and perhaps this was a more appropriate place for it, so I'll copy a modified version of it over:
    My avatar has quite a bit of meaning. It's a Chozo from the Metroid series, and they have the most wonderful backstory. Basically the Chozo are beings that have become so far advanced that they have overcome every worldly thing with their vast wisdom and technology(I'll explain in a bit how this is identifiable). They are so advanced, that they have actually begun to miss a more simple and natural way of life. So they actually make pilgrimages to various planets in order to observe more simple life forms live and react to their own ecosystems and to feel like they are a part of a natural life cylce, even though they have basically transcended all life cycles. In the Metroid series, the Chozo statues are found on occasion to offer you some upgrade to help you make it to parts of your journey you previously couldn't access. It's as though they get invested in watching a particular individual of a species, and want to see their goal exceed.

    I love everything about the Chozo. The fact that they love to observe life while feeling somewhat alien to it and to appear endlessly thoughtful makes them instantly endearing for me. I mean, sometimes I really feel removed from the natural cycle of life amoung other things that so many others are so reactant to. Sometimes I watch people react in a way that seems so animal and predictable that I can feel as though I am alien to it. Well it's a very sweet sentiment to have characters that actually love to observe that more natural behavior in spite of how removed they are from it, and actually long to be somewhat a part of it... If/when I change my avatar, it'll most probably be to some other picture of a Chozo.

    Metroid is practicaly characterized by its looming feelings of solitude and reflection. By the way, you get the most satisfying backstory about the Chozo from the "Chozo lore" scattered about Metroid Prime. Anyway, to be detached from life in a way to love to witness it thoughtfully is pretty cool and instantly identifiable for me.
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