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Zombie Survival Week (Aust. Equiv to Burning Man)


Shai Gar

America has Burning Man where people get together for a week long adventure in the desert.

Australia should have something similar where people get together with all their post Zompocalyptic vehicles and trading stories and strategies for after zompoc survival.
That's a great idea!

Although it wouldn't do me any good since I'm not in Australia.....
At the U of C in Chicago, there's actually a group of students and other people who feel like attending that regularly discuss their plans for survival in the zombie apocalypse.

Then people do things like Zombie pub crawls.. Where they dress up as zombies and act like zombies in bars. (Don't know if I'm down for that.)

Zombies are widely celebrated here in the midwest U.S.
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I am a big enough nerd that I would go to Australia just for that. Is anyone going to Burning Man this year? I'm iffy because its getting all commercialized expensive and conformist now.
I'm a hardcore zombie survivor. I'd have shot them for dressing up.
WAit I thought it wasn't til August!!!!! Fuuuuuuuuck.
It's got to be in the Northern Territory during the Dry Season. Somewhere in the Desert.

Close to Western Australia at the top end?
Shai You scared me!.... It isn't until August.http://www.burningman.com/ I thought I hand painted all those Mandalas for barter for nothing. *Bites Shai for getting her heart rate up*
HaHaHa. Want to go with an ENTP friend of mine? He has taken this year off to Tour America.
Ha ENTP's ALWAYS get me into trouble. I'll have to think on this.
At the gathering in Australia, they should have a shooting range where they line up watermelons (representing heads) on sticks and participants shoot with their weapons of choice. The zombies are coming and we must be prepared!