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Would you help me type a friend of mine?


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Mar 21, 2009
i have a friend who reminds me of Kat Von D, especially in the way she speaks. i usually don't have a hard time typing other people, especially if i know them. however, i found it hard to type her. i thought that maybe if i figured out Kat Von D's MBTI type, it'd give way to figuring out hers as well.

a few things about this friend of mine:
very artistic
busy with school and work
loyal and keeping of friendships
quite independent, possibly introverted
very good memory
complex, but not secretive nor calculating
honest and straight-forward with her words and actions, yet considerate
not high strung, but is usually quite aware

i'm not sure if that's ample information. i don't believe she is an Ni dominant, but i've considered Si to be possibly one of her better used functions. she seems to have a well developed F function too.