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World problems and debt of nations

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Ifur, Jul 17, 2019.

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    Remeber US debt? Now China....

    China currently subsidises steel with energy rather heavily, this obviously stimulates the economy as value add for anything made from steel can be quite large.

    This can be wind turbines or solar panels, where Coal is currently 70% of energy use, don't remember if this was electricity or the economy as a whole, or mostly industry, might have been electricity.

    This could eventually be a major crisis, as it's not just to lend money from the future without sound economic foundations in resources and energy, goods needs to circulate and food grown.

    China thinks Trump is just wrong about everything, and aren't a fan of his economic moves, others may not like that it may make some products more expensive where there is a need to push the cost of certain things as lows as possible to compete with local energy supplies like coal and fossil, while the use of coal in other countries are their moral problems and their imaginary debt as it doesn't have anything to do with what others are doing with things manufactured under these economic conditions.

    Needless to say, China's eonomic problem that Trump is wrong about can be solved by increasing debt, or known as lending from the future.

    Notcied shadow banking was mentioned, this is the equivalent of black market loans in finance.
    As legally binding contract kept as business secrets can be legally binding and worth a lot.
    Which allows moving values from any country to another if those involved are large and credible enough. Interesting concepts and many ways to explain that are less severe than this, but let's say in business and finance, securing supplies, prices, services and support. The value of a contract for the let's say an oligarch with guarantees due to government ties can guarantee one element of the deal that isn't strictly money. This can then be viewed as having a certain market value, and you can essentally loan or finance against it, as you are guaranteed to be skimming on something from another nation. How it is usually explained is not this, but certain things essentially doesn't work without an element of shadow banking for the value, risk involved that requires guarantees. Shadow banking is also a minor service, where it works differently, but if one thinks oil and politics involved in securing resources for the economy, you aren't far off.

    Where unregulated is the abcess, where one can say a black market always beeing there. Last finance crisis was derivatives and a filure of regulation and oversight that ensures the market is healthy. When these things become too large, it cannot be healthy.

    Open auctions, flat taxes and no exceptions. Have a problem starting with cartels that can say, well, oil and food is combined to be more than 20% of the economy, so we will just do this.

    In many villain movies, these secret agreements with their "terrible leverage" are the common thing with James Bond villains, pieces of paper that threaten stability.

    Where I associated my way through the dysfunctional global economy towards my own little adventure of keeping calm and carrying, and be mean to those that are dislloyal towards the oath office of for king and country, to right wrongs and ask how important the oath is versus the costs of finding out with a few forms.
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