What Operating Systems Do You Use? Why?

What Operating Systems Do You Use? Why?

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Windows 7 Home Premium. It's great and supports the software I need for work.
Just reinstalled it on a new SSD, I'll still use it for many years.
Gave Windows 10 a shot in a VM, didn't fall in love.
I used to use Slackware, but I fell in love when I first installed FreeBSD and have never looked back (as far as *nix). The simplicity of the system is perfect, IMO. I have GhostBSD on my laptop, and I'd highly recommend it for an "everything out of the box" desktop OS experience.
It's great

I'm running Kali Linux as my main desktop system.

My runs windows so I can run Scrivener.

I got it to be a laptop replacement. My last was a nice girl, but couldn't handle her alcohol too well. Half glass of wine took her out. Have to admit i miss the convenience of just opening and closing my unit and running off in an instant, but I do love the adaptability of my hardware now (like run my Pi off it too), and the waterproof keyboard is simply something I need in my world lol
I have enough computers that I've lost count, but here's what I have off the top of my head:

My portable gaming PC, "Nugget": Windows 10
My main desktop: Fedora (33 I think) and Windows 10, dual-boot. 90% of the time is spent in Fedora.
Side-computer for when I'm working: Fedora 34
Laptop (Thinkpad T480): Fedora 33
Home server: AlmaLinux 8.3, which replaced CentOS 8 after Red Hat pulled the plug on it.

I'm currently on my Macbook Air right now, so... you know... macOS. I try to use the best tool for the job, which is almost always Linux for me. The Macbook is great for media consumption and portability. Linux is actually a pretty decent gaming platform these days, so I only reboot into Windows when I want to play something newer. I alternate between Cinnamon and KDE, if anyone was curious about the desktop environment. I might mess with FreeBSD (or one of the others) when I'm feeling less burned out.

I also recently tried Haiku, which was super intriguing. I'm really interested in seeing where that goes once hardware compatibility improves.
Windows only when I have to. And that means not often. 10 Pro and Server 2008r2. Wanted to build a gaming rig, but my situation changed, so all I have is a 3090 in its box.

macOS 12.2.1 Monterey because I prefer it for the tools I use and the things I do. Apple since 1977, macOS since 1984.

Android from 4.x to 9.0, but I’m getting off this bus real, real soon. I’m done with the lagging kernel versions, forced obsolescence, lesser performance, and lesser long-term utility/value. I’ll keep my phone for a couple of use cases until I know I don’t have to.

iOS 15.3.1 for my iPod. :p Technically iPhoneOS for the iPhone I see in my near future. Walled garden, here I come!

Linux/BSD not enough to count.

UNIX/IBM AIX in the form of SCO UNIX because I am a technology necromancer.

Other...not enough to make them worth mentioning.