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What if you used different functions?


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Apr 10, 2009
Most INFJs used their functions in the order of Ni>Fe>Ti>Se>Ne>Fi>Te>Si, but what if you used other functions first instead of Ni? For example, what if you used Si first instead of Ni, but were still "you"? This might sound confusing, but I'll show you my own as an example. Here is also a description of the functions if you aren't familiar with them: http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/

What I would do if I used different functions first:
Ni - Be my normal self
Fe - Force my friends to tell me their feelings so I could more easily help them
Ti - Become an official MBTI test-giver so I can analyze actual people instead of just reading the stereotypical descriptions of the types
Se - Go out with my friends a lot more often and be more talkative
Ne - Share my crazy ideas with the world
Fi - Find a debate team to join
Te - Make a to-do list
Si - Play old video games that make me nostalgic

I know I "could" do all of these things, but this topic is for those things that have been in that back of your mind for so long that would probably become a priority if you used each of the functions first instead of whatever you use now.