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Very effective writing technique I thought I'd share


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Jun 3, 2009
I just came up with it, it worked perfectly to get almost exactly what I was picturing in my head onto paper in as few words as possible. I came here coz i tried to explain to someone else and they gave me a bit of a 'wtf are you smoking' look

Just think of the scene that you want to describe, and then, instead of trying really hard to come up with the best word for something in it, and going to a thesaurus (although I used one for a bit of inspiration a couple of times), try to relax as much as you can and just get a general picture of the colours of the scene in your head. Then concentrate on one particular object that you want to describe, but reallly relax still (it's sort of like if you play guitar or probably most instruments, people always say to relax as much as you can but still play clearly). Now think about that picture, keep alternating between as clearly as you can and just a vague idea of it, and you might start to think that there's a perfect word to describe it that's just out of your reach. And then keep doing that, and I found that I could tell what the first letter of that word was going to be, but I didn't concentrate on the word, just the picture, and keep trying and then you might get the last couple of letters, or the length of the word, or something like that, and then you can work out what it is. I subconsciously move my eyes and look up a bit for some reason.

Anyway does anyone get what I'm trying to say there? It's like you don't chase the word, just focus on what you want to describe and the word just comes (again like on instruments when they say that speed is a bi-product of accuracy, and you can't find speed just by trying to play fast). I tried re-writing a passage this way and it was so much better.
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Well I think I understand what you're saying, but not entirely. It appears that you're a very artistic, feeling kind of a person. And being such, that is how you're trying to approach your writing or way of expressing yourself. I think that if you are trying to feel what you write and put yourself in that moment then that makes what you're writing all that much more genuine. Also if it's an effective way to you then more power to you. Good job.
Sounds like you are using a visualization method to write. Its a really good idea actually. It seems to fit.