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[ENTP] trying to understand INFJS

Discussion in 'The INFJ Typology' started by Paraoxysmal, Dec 23, 2015.

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    Dec 21, 2015
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    Hello! Your friendly neighborhood ENTP here :hat:. So I’m really interested you’s (INFJs). I feel like I have the slightest tiniest grasp on your personality and I’m absolutely hooked, it’s fucking crack let’s be honest.

    So what I’ve concluded is that INFJs can accept almost anyone, they value authenticity above all else and you’re pretty much the greatest conversationalist. Maybe this isn’t ALL INFJs and just the one I was lucky enough to encounter.

    I kind of need your help (INFJs only please). I’ve found I learn better in large sums of logistical data and that’s really hard to do with personalities and people. So this might help me improve my relationship with my best friend INFJ and lose some of these vulnerability issues that I’m personally having.

    If it is at all possible please answer these questions in 2 scenarios, as an individual and in a group. Be as superficial or deep as you feel appropriate and try to let me learn about you a tincy bit.

    These don’t follow the same rules as above, just what you feel/think.

    If you decided to respond, I highly value your response, I appreciate your time, effort and honesty. I feel like since I’m asking you to share I share in return.

    I’m extremely toxic right now socially and I think I’m seeping into my bestfriend INFJ, I’m just all around in shitty head space. I’m having moments of extreme vulnerability and a strong loss of value, I was going to use worthlessness but I don’t feel it fits. So I posted this thread; http://www.infjs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31021 . After posting the thread and a little bit of time after I realized that stagnation is worse than growth tremendously. Now this part is a little bit off topic but it still applies. I follow the KSE philosophy, Knowledge, Strategy, Execution. So right now I’m trying a whole new approach and of course I have to start at knowledge. I have a history to look at and hopefully your input as well. I feel if I can get this one relationship balanced all my other ones will follow.


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