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True or False (Part 3)

True. Sounds wonderful - just what I need, I'll take the afternoon off.

TNP is looking forward to spending tonight and the weekend partying.

False - I work early tomorrow and after that will likely spend my time studying for a bit, then relaxing, with emphasis placed on the latter. Dang, I'm boring... :)

TNP is looking forward to Spring coming.
True! It's so cold in this old apartment. D:

TNP dreams about traveling.
True! Very, very much so.

TNP has had trouble concentrating lately.
True. Too many things on my mind.

TNP enjoys watching horror movies.

TNP has laughed today.
True, a bad habit of mine. ;_;

TNP is sneezing.
False, but I sneezed about ten minutes ago.

TNP is a YUGE anime fan.
True. Deathnote being my favorite.

TNP - Has trouble sticking to a normal sleep schedule.
so very, very true

TNP gets sick often

TNP is wearing socks.

TNP drinks tea.
True and false... It becomes curly if it's raining or snowing outside, also if I have a shorter haircut.

TNP feels tired.

TNP wears glasses.
False but I do need to get my eyes checked out - so thx for the reminder.

TNP loves to dance.
TNP sometimes wishes it would never stop snowing until the entire world was covered in ice