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Those storytellers!


Jul 13, 2009
So I have just recently gotten into MBTI (dove in head first and feasted on it, is more like it) as a means of surviving this summer with my family. Anyway, I was not expecting (at all) to have the world opened to me in such a new light. I'm looking at everything so much more differently than I ever have before!

Anyway, that's not entirely what this thread is about.

What I've noticed (and I'm surprised I've never noticed it before), is how good everyone around me is at telling stories about their lives and the lives of others and how TERRIBLE I am at the same thing. :m187:

I'm assuming this has a lot to do with their Se/Si and my Ni. Perhaps, though, I'm just a special case. My purpose for this post was to see if I was not alone in my absolute inability to make stories out of the things that happen in my life to entertain others.

Every time I try to tell a story, I end up forgetting all sorts of details and even though I've relived the event in my mind, I've completely left the person to whom I'm telling the story thinking "what in the world is she talking about?"

My stories just sound bland and mixed-up and/or disjointed. I marvel at how people can spin yarns and recall events that happened YEARS ago. I often find myself going "oh my goodness, I totally forgot that had happened!" or "when did that happen? are you SURE I was there?" even if they're talking about something that happened yesterday.

Is this an INFJ thing or just a "me" thing?? Does anyone else find this happening in their lives? I'd like to know if I'm not the only one :D
Nah. Just have to practice story telling a little more.
Can't say I've ever had trouble telling stories. I have a lot of them.