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Thinking about beliefs.


Oct 7, 2009

today i realized something interesting. Yes, it is true, i think. Still i want your own opinions.

Negative or limited belief can stop you from achieving high success in your life. This is really hard to know that, which belief is limiting us and which is hidden negative belief. But, you know all, we all want success in our life, and for this we have to delete them. I am in progress to delete them. Will use my own ideas to delete them. I will become more aware to know it.

Second thing, we have to maintain our mental stability. It is most important aspect for any success. Just we have to hang out there, Never think to give up in road to your success.


Share your thinking and opinions, whatever. Come on and tell me innermost thoughts about this. Here, i am curious to get help from and really, i will enjoy it and will love to listen to you all. :D
I am not sure if this is what you were thinking of, but I just started thinking about stuff when I read your post. So, here goes.
I strongly believe in Jesus Christ and I strive to live a christian life. But this is actually not easy. Often I find my own thinking and my personal goals in life to contradict the beliefs I find to be right in christianity. Also I think this is a reason why I find it extremely hard to put up goals for myself to move towards.
Now that I write this I just started to think a little more about this and I see that I will need to think more about this. But its very relevant topic to me. I need to find out what kinda of career I want to do and this I cant figure out because I want to follow my beliefs and at the same time I want to do something that makes sense to me, and thats a hard one for me.
Maybe I should just reassess my personal values. But yes. I think ones beliefs can influence ones success. The definition of success would also have an impact on this issue.

Not sure how much sense this made, anyway.. this was my thoughts so far.